Put a PAINT PARTY into their stocking!

Hello to all of my friends out there. I hope this holiday season is treating you well. We all know how hectic things can get especially when we are caught without a gift or forgot someone special to us. Come on we all do it.

I just put up a gift certificate link for those last minute stocking stuffers for those of you who are human and wracking your brain for all the little gifts you forgot.

I created a download file so you can purchase, download, print, and envelope it.

It’ll be great to use for a friend who likes to go to paint parties or a friend, family member or child who would enjoy an in-home paint lesson.

I teach all ages and as you know I am a children’s author and illustrator and work well with the little ones. I enjoy teaching all ages so grab your last minute gifts now.

Thanks so much friends.

Here’s the link …..  Erin’s Art Shoppe

Stay creative!

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