Tiny Paintings

Buttons & Clown Noses

Hello my beautiful friends!

I am introducing a new painting collection for you titled “Buttons & Clown Noses”

The purpose of these little paintings? 

Affordability and space constraints. Sometimes your wallet is small but you still need some art in your life. I believe we all deserve art no matter how much money we have.

The fun part of these little paintings is that they are actual parts of bigger paintings that I’ve created. You can find all of these little paintings within’ all of my large paintings. (Some of these paintings are posted within the collage below. Have some fun…. try to match them up with the paintings they belong to.)

Simply put, these paintings are tiny…. 1×1…. 2×2….. 4×4….. 4×6 etc. Each painted in oil or acrylic on pressed canvas which allows them to lie flat. To purchase any of my available paintings just head on over to Erin’s Art Shoppe. If you don’t see the one you want to purchase please Email me at erintwhalen@Gmail.com so we can find it for you or create one JUST FOR YOU.