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Here is the entire set of the CHARLIE’s HEAD picture book series.

The first book is “Charlie’s Head”. 

In this book Charlie is introduced along with his vivid imagination and the characters that live there. He soon learns what the imagination can do and he discovers the power it holds.

The second book  is “Charlie Goes to Sea!”.      

In this book Charlie and his best friend Ellie go on a boat ride with Charlie’s Step-Dad near Dutch Island Lighthouse in Rhode Island. They combine imaginations to combat boredom and as a result tackle Ellie’s fear of Crabs. Together they  learn that combining imaginations can double the fun.     

The third story is “Charlie Gets Spooked”.      

In this book Charlie visits Salem, Massachusetts with his Mom and little sisters.. He gets spooked when he realizes a witch is trying to steal his imagination. Charlie and his sisters team up to fight to keep their imaginations and they  soon learn what the imagination is really capable of.                     

All three books have 32 beautifully illustrated pages. 

All three books are soft cover. 

Author & Illustrator Erin T Whalen

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