School Visits

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my work. I hope I have inspired you to the point of seeing how my creations come to life. The information for a school visit is below. 


I will show your students how a book is made from first thought to printed page. This is a hands on presentation where the students are constantly engaged. I have been to many Rhode Island and Massachusetts Schools. 

My 2 hour presentation is part lecture, part hands on, and part social book signing. It’s fun to have refreshments at the end if possible during the book signing as the line can get long and little ones do get tired.

When I come to your school, you and I become a team. This is how we break it up:

What you do…..

  • Download Coloring pages to introduce your students to The “Charlie’s Head” book series.
  • Pass out order forms for a box set of “The Charlie’s Head Series” at the discounted price of $15.00. (Lowest Price Available)
  • Collect orders for books. (Cash,Check, or Paypal)
  • Email order count with names for book orders. I will personalize them before I arrive. These will be handed out at the end of my presentation.

What I do…..

  • Arrive at your school 45 minutes early for set up and meet and greet with teachers.
  • Teach an entire gymnasium of kids or one class. (It’s totally up to you)
  • I teach the making of a children’s book from first thought to printed page.
  • I lay out piles of work and show them how many times it takes to get it right.
  • I let the students try my markers and pencils that were used in the illustrations.
  • I let the students handle the original book dummy
  • Pass around the actual page signatures that came off the printing press before folding.
  • Answer questions until all curiosities are resolved.
  • Hand out the students pre-bought books and have light refreshments with them.   eg. juice and crackers.
  • Leave the students and teachers with bright smiles.