Peace ROCKS ... Paint them, Hide them, make someone smile.
Peace ROCKS … Paint them, Hide them, make someone smile.

Hello & Happy Springtime to you!

I’ve been hunkered down deep in hibernation just as most New Englanders do. I’m slowly  awakening and stretching while planning my first outdoor paint event of 2018!


Most of us have skipped stones across a pond at one time or another in our lives. We’ve all witnessed the beautiful ripples created by each stone touching down onto the surface of the water. I’m quite sure that many of us watched in AWE as we realized how far those ripples carried.

It’s time to create a ripples of happiness throughout our communities just as those stones created ripples throughout the pond.

Let’s reach EXTRA high and create a WAVE of happiness.

Once our PEACE ROCKS are beautifully painted with positive messages we will hide them on walking trails and various places where pedestrians will  stumble upon them and smile.

Together we can spread happiness, tolerance, and love.

When ….Smithfield Family Fun Day

Tuesday, April 17th. 2018 @ 10am-2pm


For more information on PEACE ROCKS just visit PEACEROCKS.ORG

Please consider joining us for this fun way to promote happiness across our lands.

For more information on PEACE ROCKS just visit PEACEROCKS.ORG

The Rusty Palette traveling art studio will be teaching rock painting as well as donating a set of Charlie’s Head Books to the raffle table



The Importance of Play & Learning

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful day.

I’ve completed this piece and am varnishing it now.

It will be on sale Friday, January 26th at Strings Bar & Grill in Johnston, Rhode Island.


I really enjoyed building color via transparent layers on this work. It was a new technique I learned in a “happy accident” as Bob Ross would say. I tend to have many happy accidents and that is precisely what you get when you practice daily. If you spend time ‘playing’ with your art supplies you can actually learn new techniques.

I’ve started using my sketchbook more and more as I realize this. It always felt like I wasn’t working when “playing” and coloring in my sketchbook. What I have learned is that it is actually CRUCIAL to my art development. As of late, I’ve been using the daily mantra write ~ paint ~ editThese three words keep me on track to move my work forward on a daily basis. I believe PLAY needs to be added to my mantra.

As I stated above, when you play with your art supplies in your sketchbook you may be having fun but it is also crucial to learning new techniques.

I wont be able to fit “playing in my sketchbook” daily but I will certainly add it to my weekly task list.

You should as well.

As always, Keep creating!


Airbrushing Motorcycles… who knew?

Hello there!

I’ve been behind the scenes working hard on quite a few projects and of course, I have made a record of each of them.

Today I show you…. THE AIRBRUSH!

This is a project I am wrapping up. Last night I sprayed all of the black and today I pinstripe around the edges in FIRE RED!

Here is what we have so far….


I hope you enjoyed my photo story…. I will upload more after I pin stripe red.

Have a great day!